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We are a team of individuals sourcing hair from women at a fair price. Currently, we source from Vietnam.

100g/3.5oz of our hair start at $100 for shorter lengths and around $200 for longer lengths. This allows us to pay women a fair price for their hair.

Bank transfers only. We’re a growing business and have undergone tremendous lengths in sourcing this high quality hair.

We offer full returns & exchanges within 5 business days minus delivery fees and a 10% restocking fee provided our seal is intact.

Our hair isn’t mass produced in a factory. It’s real hair from real women so every order is custom. Please email us at [email protected].

We offer bulk hair, i-tips, u-tips, clip ins, ponytails, and wefts.

Unfortunately, no.

We post new hairs that we’ve sourced on our Instagram.

Natural black and brunette.

All of our hairs are from single donors and thus single drawn. For double drawn, please contact us for a quote.

All of our hairs are different lengths & weights. Please inquire for availability.

We refrain from assigning an arbitrary grade to our quality. Simply put, our quality is genuine virgin remy. No percentages, numbers or marketing gimmicks.

Yes, our hair isn’t chemically treated or coated with silicone and can be washed.

Yes, we ship from Vietnam or New York.